Saturday, January 12, 2013

Naturally Neutral

High strung. Stressed. Overbearing. Sensitive. Overreacting.

We've all had moments when we let our emotions get the best of us. Maybe we're stressed to begin with, then some small, insignificant conflict is blown out of proportion. You're upset. You rant. You complain and break down. It could be as simple as (literally) spilling milk, and you cry over the large puddle that has now formed around your new faux-fur loafers. Or maybe you're late for an engagement and to top it off, you've missed you're bus. Lately you may have felt this heavy sense of stress and frustration building up. Or perhaps you've felt exhausted, pessimistic and desperate for a change. Perhaps the change that you need is to channel your energy.

For those who practice the Law of Attraction, it's easy to understand how our thoughts are composed of energy. Everything in existence is composed of energy, between the seen (physical) and unseen (spiritual). This is how the Law of Attraction creates an effect, your positive and negative thoughts attract the corresponding energy in the universe, in order to manifest your desires. When you really think about it, the idea is not as "Fairytale" as it sounds; it's pretty straightforward. Think positively and attract the positive. Think negatively, and you create more negativity. If you always focus on what you lack, then you never really gain anything; you continue to dwell in this pressured state.

Channel your energy.

Okay, so when I say make a change by channeling your energy, I don't mean that you can get in the car, head over to the dry cleaner's and get it cleaned up. Sorry, money can't solve this one. Something you can do is to remain neutral about the situation and pause for a moment. By slightly removing yourself from a conflicting situation you can achieve a moment of clarity and emotional rest. Remember that something only becomes a problem depending on how you react to it, and how much you let it influence you.

First, find that level of awareness that is between your two extremes (positive vs. negative), then claim it as your neutral level. This will be the state that you can settle into comfortably, without overloading your emotions or overreacting in a situation. At this state of awareness you can find the answers you are looking for, by using your sound mind and spirit. The more you return to this state - instead of turning to anger or grief (or to any other emotional extreme) - the more this skill becomes natural to you.

In time you may start to realize how exhausting it is to be negative, and how much effort it takes to maintain this stress. Practicing an emotionally neutral state, in situations of conflict, will assist you in finding inner calmness and composure.

You're a natural, 

That kid Tasha

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