Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dream Interpretation

Dreaming is a natural occurrence that graces our minds with something extraordinary, absurd and otherworldly. We suddenly see ourselves in such vivid scenarios, that sometimes make us question our understanding of reality. In our dreams we become a part of the madness that lurks in our human minds; the secrets, the visions and deep desires that we keep within. If we dare to look into the meaning or context of our dreams, we may find the answers and truths we've been looking for.

Dream interpretation dates back throughout history. In ancient times people heavily relied on prophetic and clairvoyant dreams, which they believed to be guidance sent from gods or spirits. Modern psychoanalysts see dreams as a gateway to understanding the mechanisms of the human mind. 

Personally I hold dream interpretation as a helpful and insightful part of my daily routine. Every morning I have adopted the practice of recalling my dreams from the night before, then writing them down in my notebook for future reference. Gradually I have noticed a personal improvement in this skill, as I find myself recalling dreams with more ease and detail. If you want to start interpreting your dreams here a few things to keep in mind:

1. Know the difference between a meaningful versus a meaningless dream. For instance, a reoccurring dream is likely to have more significance in comparison to a short, scattered dream. 

2. Your dreams are heavily influenced by what you do before going to bed. If you watched a movie, read or done something in particular before sleeping, that can greatly impact the dream. Take note of this to eliminate misinterpretation. 

3. Having a good night's sleep improves your chances of having a deep dreaming experience. It is important to complete your sleep cycles in order to be well rested and relaxed; this will help channel your dreams more clearly. Most dreams that you recall occur around 2:00 am - 7:00 am, for the average person. 


4. The things that are focused and most remembered from the dream, hold more significance. For example, if a specific colour, person or object stands out the most, then prioritize that symbol for interpretation.

5. To help improve relaxation and sleep, take the natural route and drink chamomile

Sweet dreams,

That kid Tasha


  1. Very cool...I've always wanted to get into dream interpretation.

    1. Your dreams carry an intention that is just for you. I practice Archetypal Dreamwork, a form of dream analysis which is about rediscovering the feeling part of your self in a journey that will take you back to your soul self.

  2. Check out North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork, a community of dreamers who follow the intention of their dreams to alchemy and true transformation and healing.

  3. I visited the links you've posted and Archetypal Dreamwork is something that I'd be interested in learning more about. Thank you for sharing your links - it is greatly appreciated!