Wednesday, January 16, 2013

90s Nostalgia

It's that wrenching feeling in your gut and a sudden jolt in your heart. You're passing by a store when you see an old toy you had growing up, or you see a trailer for a movie based on your favourite children's book. You know it's ridiculous to feel this waft of melancholy, but you can't help it. There's this momentary sense of longing that keeps lingering in your mind. You suddenly realize how much time has passed since your childhood. Since simpler times. Since times of afternoon napping and sleeping in pillow forts.

Whenever I get this feeling, I remember temporary tattoos, girls wearing dark lipliner, and light-up sneakers. I grew up in a time when we'd still play board games on friday nights, the coolest kids had Tamagotchis, and teens would stay up late playing Tomb Raider.

Cowabunga dude! I've got a case of 90s Nostalgia.

That kid Tasha

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