Saturday, July 20, 2013

What are your dreams telling you?

Back in January I wrote a post about dream interpretation that talked about how to decode these sleeping mysteries. As I mentioned, I am a great believer in dream journaling and interpretation; they give me insight on my life and spirituality.

Lately I've been doing some reflecting and realized my need for a great confidence and creativity booster. Life is hectic - with all sorts of unfinished projects and ideas floating around in the air - and without something to ground yourself, you can get lost in the mess.
This week I was reminded of the importance of listening to one's dreams. I have had strange and bizarre dreams in the past, but what spoke to me about this recent dream was a particular symbol. A flamingo. As ridiculous as it sounds, this pink, exotic bird, became my muse. It is recognized as an omen for freedom and new experiences, and the dream had symbols that answered many questions I had. Although I won't get into detail about my dream, I want to emphasize my point:

Your dreams are always saying something.

No matter how small or ridiculous the dream, your brain is always trying to answer, understand or even foresee things in your sleep. Take a moment in your busy life to relax, sleep well and recall your dreams from the night before. They can offer peace, insight, inspiration, understanding, comfort...or just some plain entertainment! ☺

The answers you look for may be hidden in your dreams.

Sleep well!

That Kid Tasha

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